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The official languid is Bulgarian and uses only the Cyrillic alphabet. To facilitate tourists, road and direction signs in populated areas, resorts, railway station, airports and along the main highways are also spelled in Roman letters. English, German, French, Russian and other languages are spoken in the country.

The population of Bulgaria numbers 8 384 871. The average density of the population is 76,2 people per a square kilometre which is higher than the European norm (66 people per a square kilometre). The number of the town population (68,3%) prevails over the number of the rural population. The birth rate is comparatively low - 10,7%o and the death rate is comparatively high - 12,2%o, which defines the negative population growth of the latest years (-1,5%). The number of the active population has decreased (21,3%) while the number of the non-active population has increased (22,7%). The main part of the population are Bulgarians numbering 7 200 000. Beside them in the country live 800 000 Bulgarian Turks, 300 000 Gypsies and small number of Jews, Armenians, Russians and Greeks. The official religion is Eastern Orthodox which is professed by 86,6% of the population. 13,1% of the population profess Islam and 0,3 profess other kinds of religion.



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