How to reach Bulgaria?

How to reach Bulgaria?

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Air transport

Bulgarian air companies have flights to most European capitals and some of the larger cities in Europe. There are air links with some of the countries in the Middle East, Africa, Central and Southern Asia and North America. Charter flights are organized to the resorts during the tourist seasons.

Numerous trains link Bulgaria with Europe and Asia. The capital Sofia has a direct connection with Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, etc. International tickets are available at special booking offices and agencies. The holders of international cards for student and youth travel are granted with reduced tariffs.

Buses and trains are the easiest way to get to Bulgaria from Europe and Turkey, with regular services from Greece, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Albania, Istanbul, Prague and Western Europe.

The international highway E5 links Bulgaria with Europe. The country can be entered through any of the 18 border checkpoints. Gas stations are available at every 30 to 50 km. There are no road charges on the territory of the country. The only road fee has to be paid crossing the border.

National driving licenses are valid in Bulgaria. Insurance could be made in advance or paid at the border.




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