Bulgaria Tourist Information - How to enter the republic of Bulgaria?

How to enter the republic of Bulgaria?

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Passport Control
Duration: upto 3 min.

At border crossing points, the passport control by the Bulgarian side is a responsibility of the National Border Police Service. Documents required by them from individuals who wish to enter the Republic of Bulgaria:

From Bulgarian citizens:
Valid passport or substituting document

From foreign citizens:
- Valid passport

For citizens of the countries indicated in Appendix 9:
An invitation declaration for a business trip of a foreigner to the Republic of Bulgaria, or,
Funds amounting to 50 USD or their equivalent per day, or,
A tourist voucher for services paid in advance
An entry or transit visa to the Republic of Bulgaria and the other countries to be visited, granted in advance, if necessary
The persons who receive a Statistic Card for foreigners (free of charge), have to keep it and present it to the officers of the Ministry of Interior in the country and when leaving the country – to give it to the officer at the border crossing point (in compliance with art 49 para 1, item 2 of the Bulgarian Law on the Sojourn of Foreigners, for the loss of a statistic card a fine upto 3000 lv is imposed)

For permanently or continuously residing foreigners, a remark in the passport is required, giving right of multiple entries to the country (without visas).
Documents, required for vehicles:
Driving licence
Documents for the registration of the vehicle
Documents for its ownership, if it is not reflected in the registration documents
Power of attorney, attested by Notary Public, if the driver is not the owner of the vehicle
Third party insurance (green card) valid for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria – for foreign vehicles
Permission for the transit of the vehicle for the cases when it is required by the Bulgarian legislation and the international agreements, to which Bulgaria is a party.




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